February 13, 2020

Cacique Inc. announced it has named award-winning agency GALLEGOS United as its agency of record (AOR) for advertising. GALLEGOS United will be Cacique's lead agency driving overall brand strategy, creative development across all media channels & social media. The agency's work on behalf of the brand is expected to begin immediately.

Cacique Inc.'s appointment of GALLEGOS United comes on the heels of a competitive review among multiple agencies as part of its recent bolstered marketing efforts. As Cacique continues to extend its portfolio of authentic, high-quality Mexican foods rich in heritage and tradition to even more people across the country, the company ultimately elected to consolidate advertising efforts to a single agency with demonstrated success in reaching multiple diverse audiences with a unified approach.

"Committed to leading the Mexican foods category and accelerating our household penetration, we sought collaborative, creative partners who would work with us to continue to elevate our authentic products," said Gil de Cárdenas, CEO of Cacique® Inc. "After learning more about the depth and breadth of GALLEGOS United's capabilities and approach to the total marketing mix – which aligns directly with our evolution toward connecting the Cacique brand and foods with when, where and how  consumers are navigating the moments of their lives – it became evident that GALLEGOS United is an ideal partner to help us realize our growth goals."

The decision was aided by the fact that GALLEGOS United is an agency seasoned in understanding the complexity of unique challenges brands face when looking to reach new audiences through campaigns that connect and resonate authentically with today's culturally diverse American consumers. The agency's groundbreaking, award-winning work with Chick-fil-A, Comcast, Coronado Brewing Co., Turbo Tax and the California Milk Processor Board (got milk?) are examples of success in this area.

"This is a special opportunity and mission that we feel privileged to be on - an ambitious vision,  with smart and collaborative leaders at a growing company, plus the responsibility of playing a pivotal role in driving growth—it doesn't get much better," said John Gallegos, founder and CEO of GALLEGOS United. "Cacique is a 46-year-old, family owned company with a rich heritage, a lot of momentum and strong affinity among a loyal base of consumers. We're thrilled to be onboard to help harness Cacique loyalists' love for the brand  and capture the broadly growing popularity for and exposure to authentic Mexican foods, further driving their business growth and cultural impact."

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