March 03, 2017

PACO Collective (PACO) announced that Flawless Beauty, LLC (Flawless), the new haircare line co-owned by Hollywood actress Gabrielle Union, has selected it as Social Media Agency of Record. PACO will be responsible for all social media efforts including social strategy, content management and creation, social engagement, and blogger management.

"PACO's findings, combined with their understanding of what women with textured hair seek in a new haircare product, as well as their expertise in multicultural markets in general, were key in our selection process," said Andy Rah, Vice President of Global Marketing for Flawless Beauty. "We trust PACO's insight and their ability to help position Flawless as a trustworthy hair care product in the market."

PACO developed its winning strategy using in-depth qualitative and quantitative research to develop compelling insights for launching Flawless into the market through all social media platforms.  "At PACO we don't stop until we reach insights that lead us to strategies that make the strongest impact," said Ozzie Godinez, PACO CEO and Co-Founder.  "This is the case with any campaign, but especially one that lives on social media because it helps create genuine and authentic conversations that lead to brand advocacy and ultimately sales."

Award-winning actress and entrepreneur Gabrielle Union partnered with Macadamia Beauty, LLC to provide multicultural women the freedom to showcase and celebrate their natural hair in all forms. Her massive social media following includes 7.6 million Instagram followers, 3.2 million Twitter followers and 700,000 likes on Facebook, proving to be a natural platform where she can introduce her product line and engage with customers. "She and her fans have formed a unique bond on social media, which is where we can create and leverage brand advocates," said Godinez.

Rah agrees: "We know that social media plays an integral role in this campaign because so many beauty consumers are looking to their timelines and newsfeeds first to research products and brands before purchasing them."


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