January 31, 2017

John Gallegos, Founder and CEO of independent creative agency Grupo Gallegos, announced the launch of a new communications group named UNITED COLLECTIVE.

Encompassing Grupo Gallegos, business planning consultancy Poly, content creation and post production offering Luna, as well as the acquisitions of digital agency Canvas and public relations firm RL Public Relations + Marketing (RLPR), UNITED COLLECTIVE was formed to help brands capitalize on today’s evolving consumer landscape. Each of the companies within the communications group will be charged with bringing creativity in service to client growth, within their disciplines respectively or as a group. The group will be led by Gallegos, who will serve as CEO for each of the companies.

“The consumers driving true business growth are evolving – they are more technologically savvy, more cross-cultural and more socially inclusive than ever before,” said Gallegos. “Created with specialist companies that truly understand this ‘new consumer,’ UNITED COLLECTIVE has the foresight, capabilities and sensibilities needed to help brands achieve exponential success. The formation of UNITED COLLECTIVE continues to realize our vision of building the most culturally-attuned creative company in the U.S.”

Within the new communications group, all five companies will retain its teams, bringing the total to 150 employees. Each company will work independently for their respective clients, and at times cross-collaborate across disciplines and on new business.  

“UNITED COLLECTIVE was created to be as fluid and diverse as the market; it’s one group with multiple doors,” said Gallegos. “This allows clients to leverage a core discipline or a wide range of our capabilities, creating a bespoke hybrid offering as needed. While various specialist companies make up UNITED COLLECTIVE, it is by no means a holding company. Unlike the typical holding company model, UNITED COLLECTIVE was created to be in service to its companies. The companies that make up the group ultimately all share the same vision – that the key to helping clients succeed is increasingly dependent on how lock-step they are to the diverse U.S. marketplace that makes up the U.S.”


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