April 21, 2020

Miami based WOW MKTG announced its partnership with MMM of Florida, Inc. A part of InnovaCare Health, a company recognized for combining innovation and quality care to create progressive, value-based models for even the most complex patient populations, MMM of Florida, Inc. expanded its highly-rated Medicare brand into the South Florida market in 2019. They offer Medicare Advantage Plans for residents in Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties. The new partnership adds to WOW MKTG’s growing list of achievements this year and builds on the agency’s 10-year experience in successfully marketing Medicare companies.

“I’m thrilled to be working with WOW MKTG to help jumpstart MMM of Florida’s growth plan in South Florida,” said MMM of Florida President and Chief Executive Officer Ron Schutzen. “With an increasing need for our customized wellness approach to healthcare, I’m confident we will drive growth even further by partnering with them. I've personally experienced outstanding results from WOW MKTG in the past and, with their deep expertise of the Medicare industry, I know they will deliver.”

As MMM of Florida’s agency of record, WOW MKTG will create comprehensive advertising campaigns for the healthcare brand in the South Florida market. With its robust experience in quickly evaluating new brands and marketing multiple Medicare companies, the agency will craft creative that stands out to the unique 65+ audience while leveraging its powerhouse media team to effectively deliver the brand’s message across traditional and digital channels.

“We’re honored to welcome an incredibly powerful brand in the Medicare industry, MMM of Florida, to our extended family of client partners," said President and CEO of WOW MKTG Jose Dans. “As a company that has achieved wide success, we’re confident in MMM of Florida’s ability to thrive in the South Florida market in the same way it has proven to be prosperous in other markets. With WOW MKTG’s diverse Medicare experience in multiple markets across the nation and a deep understanding of the South Florida audience, we’re excited for the opportunity to drive growth and results for our new partners as they enter the tri-county area.”


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