July 11, 2017

By Gonzalo López Martí - Creative director, etc. / LMMiami.com

  • There was a time not too long ago when I was an evangelist of memes.
  • I’d meet with clients big and small and wax poetic about my firm conviction that the “ad” in its various formats was a dead vehicle.
  • Memes are the new thing!
  • Poorly produced, hastily designed, impulsively written.
  • Advertising that doesn’t look like advertising!
  • Fast, fun & forwardable!
  • Viral, raw, sticky, social, shareable, contagious.
  • Key word: contagious.
  • Don’t overthink it, just press send!
  • I take it all back.
  • We’ve gone too far.
  • We’ve saturated our cognitive space with useless detritus.
  • Memes are the STDs of our culture.
  • Clogging the arteries of the interwebs like cholesterol of maximum viscosity.
  • Fails, hacktivism, dancing cats, surfing cats, grumpy cats, juvenile jokes, moronic hastily photoshopped visual puns, fake news, post truth, hatchet jobs, idle defamation, character assassination, trolling, trolling and more trolling, tabloid dirt, celebrity sex tapes, hacked private footage of bedroom activity, stolen selfies, cybernecking.
  • Guilty pleasures. Schadenfreude. Braindead escapism.
  • Come Friday it seems like all the corporate hamsters of the world conspire to swamp your various inboxes with an assortment of idiotic self-help platitudes, juvenile soft porn and odes to happy hour.
  • Not only it floods the storage capacity of your mobile and desktop devices.
  • It probably installs malware and spyware too.
  • It might be sending your user names, passwords, social security number and mother’s maiden name to some server in a former Soviet republic.
  • Plus, it corrodes you from the inside.
  • You might think it is just “ironic consumption”.
  • That you have it under control.
  • Well you don’t.
  • To be continued next week.



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