February 11, 2020

By Gonzalo López Martí  - Creative director, etc. /  lmmiami.com

  • “Low-hanging fruit.”
  • “Where the rubber meets the road.”
  • Corporate clichés come in all shapes and sizes.
  • Metaphors, analogies, haikus and limericks.
  • I know people who’ve built pretty decent careers on a handful of clichés delivered with appropriate certitude and panache.
  • “Move fast and break things.”
  • This last one was used to be hailed as a Silicon Valley mantra of dynamism and innovation.
  • As of late it tends to be frowned upon as a symbol of reckless, adolescent hubris.
  • “We’ll fix it in post.”
  • George Lucas, James Cameron and Steven Spielberg might beg to differ.
  • “New & improved.”
  • Advertising and social media are obvious culprits for an awful lot of the clichés that surround us.
  • Most memes are indeed clichés and vice versa.
  • A considerable quantity of them, nevertheless, carry a grain of truth.
  • “That meeting could’ve been an email.”
  • A truism so true it hurts.
  • The amount of air travel we could avoid if people read emails is intractable.
  • Unfortunately, the ability of most humans, even college educated ones, to express themselves in writing, let alone comprehend a text, is very limited.
  • It is true though that meeting face to face with one’s five senses in action adds lots of conscious and subconscious cues and layers to human communication.
  • “Good is better than perfect” or “Done is better than perfect”.
  • I couldn’t agree more (the latter, allegedly, is a favorite of Google employees).
  • "When the sage points at the moon, the fool looks at the finger."
  • I love this one (it is a Chinese proverb or so I’m told).
  • The Spanish language is not foreign to the profusion of platitudes.
  • “Bueno, bonito y barato.”
  • Not only is it lame, it is impossible.
  • A recipe for disappointment.
  • Pure, unadulterated wishful thinking.



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