December 19, 2017

By GonzaLo López Martí - Creative director, etc. /

  • Marketers have learned the hard way that their brand endorsers and spokespersons must be meticulously vetted.
  • The adored football/basketball star of today could be in trouble tomorrow for kneeling during the National Anthem, ODing on a cocktail of blue woody pills & Medellín’s finest or embroiling himself in an illegal dog fighting ring.
  • Conversely, we’ve also learned as of late that the public can not only be surprisingly forgiving but also utterly amnesiac.
  • The breakneck speed of the 24-hour news & social media cycle does that to people.
  • Nobody knows it better than our beloved POTUS.
  • Some terrorist kills 50 humans with automatic weapons in Vegas and a week later it vanishes from the headlines.
  • And the tweets.
  • Why do assorted crazies pull these inexplicable acts of evil?
  • They want to go out in a blaze of glory.
  • Yup, they want to be famous.
  • Methinks that if we keep plastering social media feeds and newspaper covers with their mugs they are gonna keep a-comin’.
  • In their deranged minds they associate being famous with being powerful.
  • And you know what?
  • They have a point.
  • There’s plenty evidence around us that famous people can get away with, well… a lot.
  • Simply for being famous.
  • Our dear leader of the free world is living, tweeting proof of it.
  • It just so happens that some folks seek fame in outrageously insane and hateful ways while others do it cold-heartedly and methodically.
  • If we shift our gaze from terrorism to showbiz -or politics, AKA showbiz for ugly people- it becomes plenty apparent that we live in a groupie culture that worships and enshrines sociopaths, psychopaths and abusers.
  • We sporadically throw them under the bus and act surprised when we simply can’t keep collectively looking the other way.
  • Everybody in Hollywood knew full well that Harvey Weinstein is a predatory lech.
  • His day of reckoning came when he started showing more misses than hits in the box office department.
  • Rampant hypocrisy.
  • The same happens with drug use.
  • Every time some celeb checks into rehab or, worse, ODs and kicks the bucket we put our best dumb face and go “so X&Y had a drug problem? You don’t say…”
  • But back to the titillating topic du jour: sex.
  • What if alleged pervs of great renown such as Charlie Rose, David Lasseter, Harvey Weinstein, Matt Lauer, Mario Batali et al are functioning psycho & sociopaths who deliberately seek fame as a pretext to obtain the power and impunity that comes with it?
  • Is it possible that their real calling in the first place was power as opposed to, say, journalism, filmmaking or cuisine?
  • Psycho & sociopaths are charismatic, manipulative, domineering, unable to fill empathy or remorse, narcissistic, consumed by egotism and incapable of controlling their appetites.
  • I’m no psychiatrist but the symptoms seem to fit the aforementioned list of fallen idols like a glove.
  • Most psychos don’t kill people, they just use them.
  • As a society we have our share of fault though.
  • I get stern looks when I say this but these successful individuals have been having casual consensual sex for so long, they are so used to having their way with impromptu partners, that they reached a point in their lives in which they simply couldn’t take no for an answer.
  • They got to a point in which they believed anyone who said no to them was just flirting, playing hard to get.
  • Forgive me for stating the obvious but we’ve collectively catered to their egos, appetites and whims with reckless abandon for so long that the abuse simply became routine.


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