November 19, 2019

  By Gonzalo López Martí  - Creative director, etc. /

“Beware those who want to save the world,
most likely they just want to control it.”

  • Mark Zuckerberg is under pressure to weed out fake news and fake ads from his platforms.
  • He was grilled with gusto by members of Congress a few weeks back.
  • His line of defense: Facebook retains a group of independent fact checkers who filter content uploaded by media outlets, advertisers and users.
  • Freedom of speech notwithstanding, it sorta makes sense for a private company such as Facebook to try and stay clean of hate speech, pornography and other forms of inappropriate content.
  • Where should the line be drawn though and by whom?
  • What should we do, for instance, with pseudoscience enthusiasts such as flat Earthers?
  • Should we censor their websites and ban their conventions?
  • Everyone in their sane mind knows the Earth is round, right?
  • Well, strictly speaking it is not a sphere: it is a “geoid”, a geometrical shape that kind of looks spherical but is flattened at the poles.
  • From a rigorously scientific POV, claiming the world is round is arguably a false statement.
  • Should Zuckerberg’s army of fact checkers crack down on me if I claimed so on some post or other?
  • Would I be lying if I said the vaccines are a global conspiracy by the pharmaceutical industry?
  • Is it a lie if a sufficient amount of voters &/or consumers believe it?
  • The crusade against fakeness is a dangerous rabbit hole.
  • Of course, politicians love it.
  • They can’t get enough of it.
  • It allows them to overact virtue and self-righteousness.
  • It gives them fodder to cry wolf and hyperventilate on cable talk shows and social media.
  • It justifies their existence and their salaries.
  • The very chance of becoming the arbiters of what’s true and what’s fake makes your garden variety politician salivate like a St. Bernard in a steakhouse.
  • Because, naturally, we the people are a bunch of gullible idiots who don’t know shit from Shinola.



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