February 01, 2017

Finances can seem a bit intimidating and boring to young adults. To make talking about financial services a little more bearable and relevant, State Farm recently launched social campaigns to help young adults make ‘cents’ of their money.

Los Asegurados

Part of State Farm’s Hispanic social presence, Alma also developed a mini online sitcom rooted in Hispanic insights called Los Asegurados or The Insured in English.

Los Asegurados follows the story of a newlywed couple starting their lives together through a content series that shows slices of their life. Think “Modern Family” with a Hispanic twist or “Que Pasa USA?” with a mature millennial vibe. The episodes follow the young couple as they buy a new car and start saving for their family’s future, showcasing how State Farm is there for them at every stage to help life go right.

The teaser for Los Asegurados launched in December and the series will roll out over the next few weeks. Click below to watch Los Asegurados.











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