June 18, 2020

In this third study of advertising Buyers, IAB focuses on Upfronts/NewFronts spend, plus the impact of COVID on total advertising spend for the 2nd half of the year. Key trends include:

  •     Overall, ad buyers expect 2020 ad spend to decline 20% from last year due to COVID’s economic impact
  •     Amid the overall decline, digital ad spend is growing: Buyers expect it to be up 13% in 2H vs 2019
  •     Linear TV ad spend expected to be flat for Q3, down in Q4, while CTV/OTT investment will increase significantly year over year
  •     Nearly half of Buyers are confident their budgets are stable for the rest of 2020, but confidence in 2021 is much lower
  •     72% of Buyers say NewFronts are more important than ever before, and half want Upfronts & Newfronts to merge

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