October 24, 2018

There’s good news for multicultural millennial men, whether they’re cord cutters, skinny bundle subscribers, mobile entertainment consumers or just guys who love action: DangerTV.com is offering more than 800 hours of free streaming danger and adventure programming from around the world along with hundreds of short form stories. And the free service is now streaming in HD on services from Snap to Samsung connected TV sets.

“At DangerTV we have everything for thrill-seekers. We’ve curated the most exciting short form action clips, broadcast TV series and documentary films from around the world related to danger and adventure. Viewers can find everything from extreme sports to animal encounters to special forces training to survival, heavy weather and disaster. If a show makes your heart beat faster, you can find it on DangerTV.com,” says CEO and Founder Javier Saralegui.

“Unlike Netflix or Hulu, DangerTV.com is free and easily accessible, with no registration or authentication required,” says Chief Content Officer John Harvey. “Viewers can watch it on their phones, laptops and home computers. And now that we’re streaming free on Roku, action fans can enjoy the cinematic thrills and HD quality on home big screens.”

Most of DangerTV.com’s free premium content has never been seen in in the U.S., with the exception of some programs on Netflix. Some examples of programming are:
Extreme Sports: Nomads, North Face Expeditions, Total Adventure, Hell on Hooves Animal Encounters: Austin Stevens Adventures, Human Prey, Sharks: The Big Five War/Military: Commandos, Special Forces, Sandhurst, War Inc., Young Soldiers Survival: Aircrash, Beyond Boundaries, Do or Die, Forces of Nature, Helicopter Heroes Danger at Work: Danger Men, Break-Neck Business, Hardliners, Danger Beach, Speed: Banger Boys, Speed with Guy Martin, Moto P.I.G., Air Dogs, Landspeed Shootout Weather/Disaster: Tornado Chasers, Trapped, The Chilean 33, Volcano, Sea of Death Crime: Manson, Interview with a Serial Killer, Paradise Lost, 24 Hours to Kill, Stabbed


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