February 18, 2021

Five powerhouse executives from the entertainment, podcasting, and advertising industries have joined forces to create Pitaya Entertainment, a new company dedicated to producing podcasts for U.S. Latinos. Pitaya Entertainment launches.

"While podcasts are exploding in popularity in the U.S., the Latino podcast audience is underserved and underdeveloped, and Latino voices are seriously underrepresented in podcasting. Pitaya Entertainment aims to change that by bringing podcasts to the forefront of the Latino community," said Zach Horowitz, Managing Partner and Co-Founder.

All of Pitaya Entertainment's initial podcasts will be weekly series using an unscripted talk show format and hosted by well-known Latino personalities with a large and devoted fan base, both in traditional media and online.

Most of the series will be in Spanish, with some in English or Spanglish, but all are for and about Latinos. All will be free to listeners and available worldwide on multiple platforms, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, YouTube, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music, Pandora, and Pitaya Entertainment's website, pitaya.fm.

Pitaya Entertainment's podcast hosts are as diverse as the U.S. Latino community itself, with the debuting series featuring Mexican-Americans, Puerto Ricans, Cuban-Americans, and Venezuelan-Americans. What all the hosts have in common is a deep and powerful connection with their fans.


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