February 22, 2017

Whether you’re looking at social media feeds, mobile sites, advertising dollars, or global internet traffic in 2016, digital video became a top priority for digital publishers and advertisers alike. The question publishers are asking themselves is no longer if they should be producing video, but how often - and as mobile, social, and cord-cutting audiences continue to increase, the answer to that question is as much as possible. Which is why, by the end of last year, over 300 publishers partnered with Wibbitz to ramp up their video strategies - and the more videos they published, the more engagement, reach, and revenue they generated. We decided to take a closer look at our publishers’ video data in 2016 and noticed some more interesting trends that we just couldn’t keep to ourselves.

In our first publisher report, Winning Strategies for Digital Video, we reveal which video challenges and priorities played the biggest role in our partners’ publishing strategies, how video distribution and editorial coverage contributed to top video performance, and which of these practices publishers should implement into their video strategies going forward. With this report as a guide, publishers of all shapes and sizes will be able to get the most bang out of their video bucks.

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