October 16, 2018

by Aaron Peterson - Director, Marketing & Insights / Insights Division at Kantar

The latest Getting Media Right finds that marketers globally continue to struggle to assess their marketing performance due to disconnects in strategies for reaching consumers. So why are integrated media campaigns so challenging?

Now in its fifth year, Getting Media Right examines the current state of marketing in a connected world and is based on input from 468 senior marketers spanning advertiser brands, media companies and agencies globally. It reveals an industry that continues to diversify its media usage and increasingly requires better understanding of how ideas, content, and media need to be activated in tandem to create holistic marketing that drives brand growth.

Disconnects between growth strategies mean that many marketers are missing opportunities for growth, with 40 percent still using ROI measurement approaches that are primarily focused on short-term sales. This, despite an overwhelming majority of respondents, 85 percent, saying that the most important approach to ROI is a blend of both short and long-term measures.

Key findings include:

  •     While confidence has grown from last year, less than half of advertisers are sure of their ability to create insights from data. Even within agencies and media companies, fewer than 20 percent are very confident, indicating the industry is struggling to manage all the data that is available.
  •     Creating insights is dependent upon pulling together the right information and tools to monitor and optimize campaigns, yet marketers are struggling to connect the dots on performance across channels. 78 percent strongly or somewhat agree that it is difficult to assess how well brands perform across channels. An even greater 84 percent say a contributing factor is the blind spots in digital measurement.
  •     Advertiser confidence in their media mix has grown slightly from last year, but 45 percent are still not confident that their organization has the optimal media mix, of which only 13 percent say they have very integrated media strategies.
  •     82 percent of marketers believe they have integrated marketing strategies, but their efforts are not translating fully to consumers. Conversely, our recent AdReaction: The Art of Integration study found only 58 percent of consumers see campaigns as being integrated.

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