October 11, 2019

AIRE Radio Networks and LaMusica announced that the queen of reggaeton, Ivy Queen, has joined its newly created Latin-artist based marketing platform, Artistas360. Artistas360 is designed to connect Latin artists, of all music genres, with brands for the development and execution of culturally relevant audio, digital and live music campaigns.

"As champions for Latin music, we are proud to announce the launch of Artistas360, a marketing platform that allows us to take our artist relationships to the next level by connecting them to brands that are looking to engage with US Hispanics through their music passion point," said Elisa Torres, EVP, AIRE Radio Networks and SBS National. "We are especially ecstatic and honored to announce that the legendary Ivy Queen has joined our Artistas360 artist portfolio."

"I am thrilled to be working with AIRE Radio Networks on their Artistas360 platform, said Ivy Queen. "This platform is another example of the many opportunities SBS has created for myself and other Latin music artists to share our story and music with our fans and brands who are looking to be a part of the Latin music movement."

AIRE Radio Networks and LaMusica will lead the collaboration between artists and brands who seek to connect with the coveted US Hispanic community. Artistas360 will also develop and manage all aspects of the marketing strategies across Spanish Broadcasting System (SBS) radio stations, AIRE Radio Networks, LaMusica digital platform and SBS Entertainment. More artists are expected to be announced in the coming weeks.

"Latin music is making a resounding global impact and we take tremendous pride in the fact that SBS and LaMusica has helped establish the careers of some of the biggest names in Latin music," said Torres. "We are the home of many "first" experiences for Latin artists; from hearing their songs on our radio stations for the first time, launching their video premieres on LaMusica, to their first live interview and first arena-scale live music performance. This is now the first time AIRE and LaMusica create a dedicated full-service marketing platform within SBS that supplies the demand for more Latin music content and experiences."


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