October 05, 2019

Hennessy and global artist Maluma announced a new formal partnership in time for Hispanic Heritage Month, bringing to life the spirit of the brand's "Never stop. Never settle." mantra for Latinx audiences. Embracing the music industry has always been part of Hennessy's DNA, recognizing creative minds who blend a rhythm that will never stop and never settle, just like Maluma's, whose music transcends cultures, languages and nations by staying authentic to himself. The integrated partnership is rooted in shared themes of family, community and legacy, and will feature U.S. tour support, original content, cross-channel promotions, and a special, limited edition collectors' item- all intended to inspire others to "Never stop. Never settle."

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"Hennessy has a long history of celebrating cultural icons who push the limits of potential, and Maluma couldn't fit this criterion better as someone who's making history right before our eyes. Maluma's willingness to push boundaries in music, coupled with his passion and energy for his craft are a true inspiration and a perfect reflection of our values."  says Giles Woodyer, Senior Vice President, Hennessy U.S.

The eight-generation relationship between the Hennessy and Fillioux family of Master Blenders is at the heart of the Cognac producer's 250+ year history. And like Hennessy, Maluma recognizes the importance of family in building a legacy. In fact, the artist's career is bigger than himself, as demonstrated by a thoughtfully selected stage-name to keep his family with him everywhere he goes: Ma is for his mother Marlie, Lu for his father Luis, and Ma for his sister Manuela.

Maluma's highly-anticipated 11:11 U.S. tour, featuring music from what has been billed as one of this year's breakout crossover artists, will kick off the partnership, along with the release of content captured during the artist's recent trip to Hennessy's estate in Cognac, France. Hennessy puts a spotlight on the artist's relentless dedication to his craft - which reflects the Cognac producer's own commitment to excellence – chronicling the many factors that have propelled Maluma into global stardom. A digital narrative will further highlight his song-writing process and performance preparation, as well as his "Never stop. Never settle." journey to becoming what many consider to be this generation's most influential music icon.

To celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month and honor Latinx individuals across the globe, Hennessy invites the millions of fans who also support Maluma's NsNs journey and desire to blend cultures, to raise a glass with an inspired cocktail:


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