February 05, 2019

Tajín International Corporation renewed its partnership with MasterChef winner Claudia Sandoval who will continue to serve as the brand’s official chef and recipe creator in the United States. Chef Claudia will produce a series of recipes featuring seasoning brand. Chef Sandoval’s original new recipes are available exclusively on Tajín.com.

“Tajín is proud to continue its partnership with Chef Claudia for a third consecutive year,” said Javier Leyva, Tajín International Corp Director for the U.S. “Chef Claudia brings Tajín to life with her creativity and captivating personality. We can’t wait to show our consumers the delicious, easy-to-make and healthy recipes she’s created exclusively for Tajín.”

“I’m thrilled to continue working with Tajín,” said Sandoval. “I have been preparing recipes with Tajín for years; I love its versatility. Its unique blend of mild chili peppers, sea salt and lime creates a nice balance of flavors and can be used in different dishes from fruits and vegetables, to fish and poultry to even desserts. This year, I’m hoping my quick and easy recipes will encourage friends and families around the country to host more get-togethers and enjoy each other’s company while noshing on some of my favorite dishes.”

Winner of the cooking reality show, MasterChef Season 6 in 2015, Sandoval began working with Tajín on various projects soon after she earned the title with a Tajín-infused recipe. As part of her partnership with Tajín she will continue to represent the brand on media appearances and events across the United States.


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