While matters of race and culture continue to be the reason for much controversy and political blame games could corporate America draw a practical lesson from this emotional topic?

After being part of a vivid panel during Fox News' Hannity, I went into evaluating some recent happenings in pop-culture, social media and news to expose an eminent reality; culture and race does matter in America.

By Lili Gil Valletta, Cofounder XL and Media Contributor

The importance of cross-channel activity keeps rising, with nearly three-quarters of companies worldwide analyzing interactions between different online channels, according to a survey by research firm Econsultancy and data consulting company Lynchpin. More companies also paid attention to social data in 2013, at 63% of respondents, up from 56% the previous year.

BlueKai released its second Data Impact Report which revealed that brands are dramatically increasing their reliance on data to power their marketing efforts. According to the new study, 36% of respondents indicated that at least a fifth of their marketing budgets were "data driven" vs. only 11% cited in the company's report in December 2012, showing a staggering 227% increase over the last 6 months.

Hispanic agencies, thus, hold all the right cards. Or, in Miami, all the right domino chips. They have the insight to not only direct Hispanic marketing efforts but also hold the keys to the truck that's driving all of a brand's efforts moving forward, given the multicultural population surge that will one day soon make Whites a minority across the US, and not just in the top 15 DMAs. By Adam R Jacobson - Hispanic market media strategist and veteran journalist.

For nearly a decade, I have had the privilege of experiencing, researching and contributing to the digital revolution in health. When I started focusing on this space, few were paying much attention. Today, most people in health recognize that digital is important.

The unprecedented tsunami of data available to marketers has dramatically changed digital advertising – and the ways CMOs must make decisions about it. Big Data continues to amplify digital’s capabilities and creates entirely new ones. Marketers now have a nearly infinite number of variables they can tweak to design the best campaigns possible for their audiences. Yet as the ad world becomes more automated thanks to artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, data collection and analysis is more complex than ever before.

“The death of the CMO.” “The end of the CMO.” “The failure of the CMO.” These headlines demonstrate the prevalence of articles, writers, and researchers discussing issues related to an important C-level position, that of the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). While these articles are often incendiary, it’s intriguing that they are almost always written by people who have something to sell, having never been a CEO or CMO. As a result, they are often long on accusations and short on solutions. As the saying goes, it’s easier said than done when it comes to solving problems.

By Enrique Turegano / Al Punto I saw an ad on Univision for an SUV...nice ad. But the VO caught me off guard. It was the poem by Antonio Machado and famous song by Juan Manuel Serrat, "Caminante No Hay Camino". Great song, great poem...but I wonder how much it connects with US Hispanics....mostly US Mexicans. Do they even know it? Is it important to them? Does it connect emotionally like it does for Spaniards and some South Americans? Probably NOT. Here's my guess:

1) The creative in charge is from Spain.
2) The creative in charge is a JM Serrat fan.


I just attended a panel discussion between Lorraine Cortes-Vazquez, SVP of Multicultural Markets at AARP, and Nancy Tellet, SVP at Viacom, Scott Willoth —S VP Methods & Analytics, Scarborough Research and moderated by Leo Olper, who sits on the AHAA board member and is a partner at d exposito & Partners, LLC.  The panel discussed key findings of a study recently conducted by AHAA, which bucks much of the conventional wisdom that is commonplace in Hispanic marketing.  For that reason, I was compelled to cover key highlights in this post.

by Jose Villa / Sensis Whenever someone first gets involved in Hispanic marketing, they inevitably come across a series of universally accepted “truths” about Hispanic consumers and how to market to them. While some of these truths have faded as the market has evolved over the last 50 years, some continue unchallenged. But as anyone who is deeply involved in marketing to Hispanics today will tell you the market has evolved as quickly as it’s grown. Today’s modern Hispanic marketer understands everything we think we know about Hispanics has to be questioned

By David A. Chitel (NGLC Chairman & Founder)

Zeitgeist (/_ts_t_g_st/) - Noun - The intellectual fashion or dominant school of thought which typifies and influences the culture of a period.

For the last six years, Mayor League Soccer (MLS) has put all of their eggs in one basket and money too ... David Beckham.

He is leaving after his next game.  FINALMENTE.

    As I watched the diverse news channels stumbling over one another to call the election in the US and the Caribbean, I have found two very important elements that will impact our Industry going forward based on the results.

When I first heard about the joint venture between ABC and Univision my reaction was one of positive intrigue.