March 04, 2001

Miami based CreatAbility will launch this month Mayfield Ice Cream’s first-ever Hispanic market advertising campaign. Mayfield, known for its colorful yellow and brown packaging and the Jersey cow on its logo, is the #1 selling ice cream brand in the Southeast.

The focus of the campaign, which will encompass print, radio and outdoor, is Mayfield’s great flavors - Turtle Tracks, Hog Heaven, Moose Tracks, Caramel Coyote, and Brown Cow. All the flavors begin with delicious Mayfield ice cream and are then loaded with goodies like chocolate, nuts, caramel, cookie and candy pieces.

A 75-year-old dairy operated by fourth generation Mayfields, Tennessee headquartered Mayfield Dairy Farms manufactures ice cream and milk. The company was founded by Thomas Mayfield and is now run by his great grandson, Scottie Mayfield, President of Mayfield Dairy Farms.

"How can you not love ice cream!" said CreatAbility President and CEO Ritchie Lucas. "Bringing an established tradition and brand to the Hispanic market will be fun."

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