March 09, 2001

Call for Stories. Writer and Performer seeking inspirational and insightful stories from the Hispanic advertising trenches for use in developing a story collection (in the spirit of Asopao for the Soul) and possibly a performance piece based on characters (i.e. clients, agency heads, media reps, consumers, researchers, etc.)

Stories can either be:

1) Heartwarming and Emotional - reflective of an incident or series of incidents that touched the writer in a meaningful, emotional way and made them feel that their role in US Hispanic marketing or the power of US Hispanic marketing transcended the commercial/business level and entered a level of social/emotional impact on human beings.

a. Have you ever worked with someone who overcame all sorts of obstacles to come up in our business from the bottom of the ladder? Is there a story of pride or courage that you can share?

b. Have you ever sat in a focus group and been inspired by a consumer to continue doing the best work you can as a Hispanic marketer? What did they say to make you proud to be part of this industry?

c. When you have lost an account or been fired or had to fire people or started an agency, what stories can you tell about the things that gave you the strength to go on?

2) Horror Stories - particularly interested in horror stories from the experience of agency, media, research, production people in relation to clients and corporate America's relationship with our industry and our consumer. Also, horror stories with general market agencies would be great too. (Client and Agency names can be left out or fictitious names can be created if anonymity is an issue)

a. Have you ever had a client insult our industry in front of your face?

b. How about insult the Hispanic consumer? What did they say and how did you respond. Or, if you bit your lip, what was going through your head?

c. Have you ever worked for an insane client or been part of a general market agency that won't let you do your job. Here is your chance to relive it and get it out of your system creatively.

3) Humorous - in the vein of "you had to see it to believe it". Shed light on stories that border on the ridiculous and still make you laugh to this day.

a. Have you ever had the absurd happen on the set of a production?

b. How about those moments when you think nothing else can go wrong and yet it does…it's not really funny, but if you don't laugh about it, you'll cry?

All work submitted will be reviewed and may go through some editing. Contributors will be credited if the work is used in print or in performance. Or, contributors may request that there name not be divulged and that privacy will be respected.

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