March 16, 2001

Maya Advertising & Communications celebrates its eighth consecutive year as the Latino agency of record for Pepco, the Washington area's electric company, launching communications campaigns targeting the Hispanic community.

To fulfill the various goals of Pepco's activities, campaign messages are tailored to inform and educate the Hispanic public about Pepco's commitment to safety, customer service and reliable distribution of energy. As such, campaigns address Deregulation and the Energy Problem in California in a Spanish-language informational brochure reassuring consumers that California's energy problem won't happen in Washington, D.C. Transit and print advertising will announce changes seen in Pepco's new bill format, and radio advertising will promote the new Universal Service Program and Residential Aid Discount, two programs designed to assist eligible low-income residents. Television will also be a key medium to promote electrical safety messages to children.

In the early 1990s, Maya began its branding campaign for Pepco, and it was Pepco's commitment to the local Hispanic community that inspired Maya to take the lead in developing various award-winning consumer education campaigns.

Later, with the onset of the new free market environment of the energy industry, Maya assisted Pepco in promoting Pepco's commitment to customer service and reliable distribution of energy by developing and providing ongoing information about the changes to occur. With much success, Pepco's consumers in Maryland and Washington, D.C. learned of the changes through an extensive campaign called Customer Choice. Spanish-language radio, print and information materials were created to inform the Hispanic community about the reality of the new deregulated electric market.

In 1999, Maya's original Spanish-language TV commercial for Pepco, called "Energía Latina" (Latin Energy), became a hit. The commercial depicted a day in the life of a Latino family from sunrise to sunset through different activities and reinforced the message that Pepco has an important presence in the daily lives of Latinos.

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