April 24, 2010

Marketers around the world agree that it is important to get the full picture when evaluating online marketing success, but research from Chief Marketer, Collective and Datran Media indicates that marketers still consider the click-through their main form of measurement&mash;despite its flaws.

A 2010 survey from Web analytics service Omniture similarly showed that marketers were unable to measure marketing effectiveness across the purchase funnel.

Asked which analytics would give them the most actionable insights, marketers said the importance of marketing cost, orders, average order size and conversion rate. But they had the greatest ability to measure visits, page views, page views per visit and click-throughs.

The same measurement problems existed in mobile, social and video channels: Only 30% could measure mobile app or post-video conversions, and 41% could measure social marketing conversion. Overall, 80% said it was important to measure ROI from online activities, but just 31% could effectively do so.

The biggest challenge was talent. Marketers indicated they did not have staff with the expertise necessary to get the most out of the data available, and budget was the top reason they lacked the talent they needed.

Mikel Chertudi, senior director of global media and demand marketing at Adobe Systems, Omniture’s parent, said many survey respondents did not seem to have a full-time staff member devoted to Web analytics. About 60% of marketers said they spent less than 20 hours a week on online analytics.

Courtesy of http://www.emarketer.com


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