January 19, 2010

The California Milk Processor Board (CMPB) - the creator of GOT MILK? and TOMA LECHE (Drink Milk) - will launch an integrated advertising campaign that will involve multiple media touch points as part of its 'More than Just Milk' (Mucho Mas Que Leche) campaign.

"In the past, we've mainly focused our advertising efforts in the Hispanic community with the use of TV ads because we found that it was the most effective way to reach a mass audience of Latinos," says Steve James, executive director of the CMPB.  "Hispanics today, however, consume all types of media, not just TV.  So the CMPB wants to make sure that milk continues to be top of mind among Latino consumers across all media."

For the 2010 campaign, the CMPB will roll out three brand new 30-second Spanish-language television spots entitled 'Dentist' (Dentista), 'Hair' (Pelo) and 'Sports Drink' (Bebida Deportiva).  Cleverly written, the ads show that milk is more than just a beverage.  It helps prevent cavities, produces strong, healthy, shiny hair and rebuilds muscles.  In short, Latinos don't need to purchase expensive products to attain these beauty benefits.  All they have to do is open the fridge. 

The first spot, 'Dentist,' which launches today in Spanish-language TV in California, opens with a little girl sitting in a medical office being examined by her dentist.  Then a voice over follows: "Beautiful teeth.  Strong teeth.  Healthy teeth all-year long.  Presenting a product that has it all, that fights for you."  While audiences may think this is a commercial for a new toothpaste, we quickly cut to a carton of milk in a fridge.  The voice over continues, "Presenting: Milk.  Its calcium helps produce strong teeth and prevents cavities."  The ad ends with the ubiquitous tag line, "TOMA LECHE."
On March 22nd, the CMPB will roll out "Hair," where audiences will find a beautiful woman with long, healthy hair walking in the forest.  With the wind blowing her beautiful, shiny hair in an almost magical way, viewers will automatically believe they are looking at a shampoo commercial.  Once again, a voice-over announces a product for creating beautiful, healthy hair - and rather than a product shot for a new brand of shampoo, we instead cut to our carton of milk.  The spot is tagged with a voice over, "The proteins in milk help your hair look healthier and stronger," and the familiar tag, "TOMA LECHE."
Finally, on May 17th, the CMPB will highlight the milk benefits of chocolate milk for muscle recovery in an ad entitled, 'Sports Drink.'  The spot is a beautiful montage of various scenes of athletes practicing their craft: from boxing to basketball to volleyball and gymnastics.  What appears to be a classic sport beverage commercial surprises audiences when they realize that the beverage that keeps the athletes going and strong is chocolate milk.  A study in the International Journal of Sports Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism shows that when chocolate milk is consumed 30 minutes after practice, athletes' muscles recovered better and more quickly when compared with other commercial sports drinks.
"Many Hispanic consumers know that the calcium in milk produces strong bones," says James.  "But these very same Latinos may not know the other benefits.  These new Spanish-language ads are ingeniously produced to not only surprise, but also to educate consumers and to give them another reason to drink milk."
Supporting the TV campaign will be Spanish-language radio spots in California starting Feb. 18th.  The campaign will also feature a brand new Web site, as well as magazine wraps for People en Espanol, which will be distributed at family doctor's offices highlighting beauty and health benefits of milk starting June 2010.
"We need to be everywhere," says James. "Hispanic consumers are longtime, loyal milk drinkers and our hope is that by providing them information about the various benefits, milk will continue to be the beverage of choice for the entire family."


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