January 28, 2001

For the third year in a row, Pacific Bell is helping educate teens about technology by giving them firsthand experience with some of the most cutting-edge technology offered.

Pacific Bell and its Hispanic employee group, HACEMOS, are hosting "High Technology Day" today, to introduce high school students to technology and teach them how it affects their education and future careers.

Through the use of advanced videoconferencing, Pacific Bell and HACEMOS are simultaneously linking more than 800 high school students from multiple locations in California, Connecticut, Illinois, Nevada, Oklahoma and Texas. The students will learn about the latest telecommunications technologies and high-tech career opportunities.

Los Angeles area schools will be part of a videoconference link that will begin at 9 a.m. and will be followed by individual workshops, seminars, tours and an awards ceremony occurring in 17 cities simultaneously. Students will also participate in activities such as linking their school's Web site to the HACEMOS Web site. In addition, the HACEMOS members will share information on available scholarships, career guidance resources, tips on interviewing for jobs and pointers on how to access and integrate technology as an educational tool.

"In this era of technological empowerment, we are thrilled to extend awareness and share our enthusiasm for the developments in the high-tech arena with youth from a variety of different academic backgrounds and communities," said Jennifer Garcia, president of Pacific Bell HACEMOS Los Angeles chapter. "Pacific Bell has a long tradition of investing in our communities, especially in the areas of education, and `High Technology Day' is a reiteration of our commitment to our Hispanic youth."

"High Technology Day" marks the third HACEMOS simultaneous event hosted nationally thanks to interactive technology. Pacific Bell and HACEMOS plan to host this event annually in years to come to continue to raise awareness levels of technology and how it is no longer a luxury, but a necessity in today's technology driven environment.

HACEMOS and Pacific Bell recognize the importance of educating the Hispanic youth of California and are committed to continue its work on community-focused education projects involving technology.

The Hispanic Association of Communications Employees of SBC (HACEMOS) works to foster an environment where employees help each other succeed professionally, personally and in the community. HACEMOS' principal objectives are to promote the advantages of its members, assist SBC in reaching its goals and improve the quality of life in the Hispanic community.

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