July 21, 2001

The National Association of Broadcasters Education Foundation has awarded 12 scholarships to help women and minorities attend the Broadcast Leadership Training Program.

The program will begin September 21 at Northwestern University, Evanston, IL and the remainder of the courses will be held in Washington D.C. The classes, following the model of weekend MBA courses, will meet one weekend a month for ten months, concluding June 9, 2002.

Scholarships covering travel, accommodations and the $8,995 per person for tuition and meals have been awarded to the following executives:

D’Artagnan Bebel
Vice President & General Manager
Fox 26 KRIV-TV
Houston, TX

Tyrone Curl
General Manager
Nacogdoches, TX

James (Van) Greer
General Sales Manager
Lufkin, TX

Michael Jenkins
General Manager
Bick Broadcasting, Inc.
Warrensburg, MO

Kathi Lester
General Manager
Pappas Telecasting
Greensboro, NC

Serena Mann
General Manager
University of Maryland
College Park, MD

Frank Montoya
Sales/Office Manager
KATZ Continental TV
Houston, TX

Deborah Parenti
Odeon Communications
Wayne, PA

Rhonda Robinson
Associate Director
Minority Media & Telecom. Council
Washington, DC

Heidi Schuster
Series Manager, "Health Diary"
Point 2 Point Comm. Solutions, Inc.
St. Paul, MN

Kim Urbuteit
General Sales Manager
Sarasota, FL

Jon Yasuda
Los Angeles, CA

The Broadcast Leadership Training Program aims to teach rising executives specific knowledge and skills relevant to owning and operating radio and television stations and group management. Developed with guidance and support from some of the industry's top executives, the program focuses on the unique process of assessing, purchasing, owning and operating radio and television stations. It provides a blueprint for talented businesspeople to become a greater part of the industry and increase the diversity of voices available to the public.

Funding for the Broadcast Leadership Training program is provided by Belo Corporation, Benedek Broadcast Corporation, CBS Inc., Gannett Broadcasting, Hearst-Argyle Television, Inc., LIN Television Corporation, National Association of Broadcasters, Morgan Murphy Stations, NewCity Foundation and Scripps Howard Broadcasting Co.

FCC staff and leading communications attorneys will discuss regulatory and legal issues; members of the Wall Street and banking community will provide insight into financing arrangements; and leading broadcast executives will offer their first-hand perspective on the industry. In some instances, academic faculty from leading universities will be on hand to share their expertise. This unique combination of professionals acting as instructors will not only impart a real-world perspective to the program, it will also allow participants to build the network of contacts they will need to succeed.

NABEF is dedicated to conducting long-range research and educational projects for the broadcast industry. It was founded in 1994 by the National Association of Broadcasters to generate greater public knowledge and understanding of the many issues related to free over-the-air-broadcasting. For more information on NABEF and the Broadcast Leadership Training Program visit www.nabef.org.

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