January 07, 2001

According to the new eLatin America Report, Brazil's 3.9 million internet users accounts for 40% of the region's total internet usage, which is, by far, the most of any country.

The report reveals that three countries: Brazil, Mexico and Argentina, account for approximately 65% of the region's 9.9 million internet users with Brazil claiming 3.9 million, Mexico with 1.5 million and Argentina with 1 million.

"Brazil is by far the leading market for internet commerce in both the B2B and B2C segments," said Noah Elkin, Ph.D. and Senior Analyst at eMarketer. "All countries, however, will see impressive growth in e-commerce revenues over the next few years, although the B2B sector will grow most quickly."

Key Report findings about Brazil:

- Brazil is highly urbanized, with 81% of its population living in cities, ten of which have more than one million inhabitants

- The concentration of the population in cities will facilitate the delivery of goods ordered online, and in part compensate for the vast distances that separate Brazil's many urban centers

- 49% of Brazilians are ages 24 and under This eMarketer Report provides a guide to the internet in the Latin American and Caribbean regions focusing in particular on Argentina, Brazil and Mexico, the region's three largest internet markets. By combining eMarketer's own forecasts with estimates from other research firms, this report gives the reader a complete picture of the internet's evolution across the region.

For more information at http://www.emarketer.com

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