February 19, 2001

More Hispanic and Asian households in America are online than Caucasian and African-American households, according to a recent report by The Insight Research Corporation, a leading telecommunications market research firm. On March 21, 2001 at 1:00pm, Insight Research will host a free web seminar presenting the growth of Internet use by ethnic households and how carriers and ISPs can successfully target this rapidly growing consumer group.

Insight's Vice President of Ethnic Research, Reynaldo Caudillo, will present highlights from the new market research study, Web Portals, ISPs, IP Telephony and the Ethnic Consumer. Internet penetration among Hispanic, Asian, and African-American households will be discussed, along with estimates of total ethnic consumer spending on telecommunications services. According to the report, the ethnic population represents a substantial opportunity for carriers and ISPs that can attract these consumers with in-language, in-culture messages and specialized content.

To demonstrate the success of marketing to ethnic consumers online, Insight has invited David Perez, president of Lumina Americas, Inc., to present a case study of ComidaKraft.com. Lumina Americas, an e-business solutions provider, positions ComidaKraft.com as a unique online brand that integrates offline strategies with online media to target the Hispanic marketplace.

All you'll need is a PC and a phone to access this free, half-hour online seminar. To register, simply send an email to webevent@insight-corp.com. Be sure to include your full name, job title, company, and telephone number. You'll receive logon instructions in a reply email.

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