February 12, 2001

Searching for innovative ways to reach young consumers, Head & Shoulders makes its debut in the field of interactive marketing with the launch of Mission Refresh, an internet game created to promote the new Head & Shoulders Refresh shampoo. Mission Refresh, designed by Fusion Networks, is the first interactive game created by a Procter & Gamble brand for the Hispanic market in the United States.

"Mission Refresh exemplifies the unlimited potential of utilizing technological advances and interactive branding strategically to reach our U.S. Hispanic teenage target consumers. As research has revealed, US Hispanic teenagers use the Internet more than any other age group within the Hispanic segment," said Anastasia Kitsul, Interactive Marketing Manager, Procter & Gamble. "New technology has always influenced our products, and now it is also re-inventing the way we market by combining traditional strategies with the Internet in a memorable and unique way. The game's images were specifically designed to remind the player of how Head & Shoulders Refresh works to protect against dandruff while it invigorates the scalp and gives it a cool, refreshing sensation."

A study conducted through Mission Refresh's integrated survey revealed that the teenage target audience has received this unique approach to interactive branding and the game positively. More than 70% of all teenagers who played Mission Refresh said they enjoyed the game and most of them stated that it's a fun way to portray dandruff; over a third of games played are repeat sessions; and users have forwarded the game to friends and family via email over 4,000 times.

"Our research shows that even though dandruff is a problem faced by many teenagers, they feel embarrassed, less confident, uncomfortable and fear rejection from their peers when confronted with the problem and, therefore, are in denial. With the Mission Refresh game, we are looking to change the negative perception that surrounds dandruff and at the same time, offer teenagers a solution and a fun interactive experience to help them assimilate the problem," added Kitsul.

A recently conducted research investigation, Latinos Online: The Generation Divide, revealed that younger U.S Hispanics in the 13-17 age bracket embrace the use of internet the most among all Hispanics in the United States. 54% of them stated that they prefer using the Internet rather than watching TV and 98% of them strongly agree "the Internet is fun".

Conducted in February 2000 by Cultural Access Group (CAG) in California and sponsored by Access Worldwide Communications and CAG, the investigation was executed through 500 telephone surveys among Hispanics living in Los Angeles, Miami, New York and Houston; ages 13-17, 18-34 and 35+.

Mission Refresh can be accessed through www.missionrefresh.com and includes an application to email a copy of the game, along with a message, to family and friends. The game is also available in through major Hispanic portals such as Yupi.com

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