January 14, 2011

Burst Media released the results of an online survey of 1,475 moms* that found, despite hectic lives, moms carve out time daily to go online. Nearly one-quarter (23.1%) of moms are online for personal use four or more hours daily and another 49.3% spend between one and three hours online per day. The study shines the spotlight on just how important a resource the Internet is for moms, specifically the finding that two-thirds (64.7%) of respondents say their daily family and home routines would be disrupted if web access was taken away for one week.

Interestingly, although all mom segments say their lives would be disrupted without Internet access for one week, it is moms aged 35-54 who are most at unease with the thought of being without Internet access. Among this segment, 68.2% say their lives would be disrupted with no Internet access and one-in-five (22.2%) say it would be “a significant disruption to my daily routine.”

Social media (e.g. Facebook, Twitter) and niche content sites (i.e. sites focused on a specific topic) are the clear online favorites among moms to gather information to help manage the family and home. Among young moms aged 18-34, one-third (33.7%) say social media is their most preferred choice, while 35-54 year-old moms most prefer niche websites (30.2%). Moms 55 or older prefer social media (24.1%) over other types of sites. An interesting testament to the rise of the “untethered” web is the finding that more than one-half (55.9%) of all moms access the Internet with mobile technology devices including tablets, smart phones and/or netbooks.

In the realm of online advertising, few (17.3%) moms like ads geared specifically towards the family and home and more than one-third (37.7%) don’t like the ads and perceive them as “irrelevant or distracting.” Another 37.0% have no opinion either way. Sentiments are universal across all mom age segments. However, online ads that offer product coupons, sales promotion codes and/or other incentives resonate better: one-half (50.4%) of all moms say they click on such ads.

Online advertising opinions aside, there is good news for brands: two-thirds (65.7%) of 35-54 year-old moms prefer to buy brands they recognize, even if an unknown or generic brand is priced less. More than one-half (57.1%) of 18-34 year-old moms and two-in-three (66.0%) of moms 55 or older buy with the same mindset.

“The web provides brands a rich pallet to reach moms and break from traditional creative bounds to deliver an immersive experience,” says Kathryn Kallet, Product Manager for Burst Moms. “Unlike other types of media, the Internet can truly build a brand community by facilitating a conversation between an advertiser and consumer. When done with compelling, useful content and engaging creative, this brand/consumer relationship is one in which both parties benefit.”

For more information at http://www.burstmedia.com

*Women aged 18 or older with at least one child under the age of 18 at home


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