February 20, 2001

Ask Jeeves en Español, a joint venture between Ask Jeeves International, Inc. and Univision Online, Inc., announced the launch of Pregunta.com, the first natural-language question answering service for Spanish-speakers worldwide. Pregunta.com will compliment Univision.com's content, Internet access service, communications tools, and e-commerce offerings. Pregunta.com will bring the full scope of online opportunities to Spanish-speaking Internet users.

A Spanish-language and culturally relevant version of Ask.com™, Pregunta.com provides the Internet's more than 33 million Spanish-speaking users with the same intuitive online experience that millions of users of Ask Jeeves' technology have grown to depend on. Through natural language technology, Pregunta.com pinpoints users' interests and needs from the questions they ask, providing companies with a targeted marketing vehicle to reach a rapidly growing demographic.
This growing population of Spanish-speaking Internet users can now go to Pregunta.com to ask questions about virtually any topic and be directed to relevant answers quickly and easily. Visitors can ask such questions as "Dónde compro pasajes baratos en linea?" (Where can I find cheap airfares online?) or "Cómo busco trabajo en Internet?"(How can I find a job on the Internet?) and be immediately directed to relevant answers. Sports aficionados, online shoppers or weekend planners can all find the information they are looking for by simply asking a question.

"Just like the television or the radio, the Internet is playing an increasingly important role in the lives of Spanish-speakers of all ages - from teenagers to senior citizens - yet the resources dedicated to serving them are still relatively scarce," said George Lichter, president of Ask Jeeves International. "Pregunta.com provides this diverse audience an easy to use way to find the information essential to their daily lives through the Internet. As a result, Pregunta.com offers advertisers a very focused outlet to educate users about their products and services."
"Our partnership with Ask Jeeves to create Ask Jeeves en Español, "Pregunta.com," is another example of the valuable online, content and services we are committed to create for our visitors," said Javier Saralegui, president, Univision Online. "Our relationship with Ask Jeeves offers an excellent experience for visitors looking for answers to their questions. Pregunta.com is the place to go for a strong search engine to access information on the Internet."

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