January 08, 2001

When a TV and a PC interact during primetime, the PC is four times more likely to hold consumers' attention than the TV, according to a just-released report from Statistical Research, Inc. (SRI).

Titled The TV/PC Connection 2001, the study says that 80% of those who use TVs and PCs simultaneously during primetime consider the computer to be their primary activity, while 18% cite the TV as commanding more of their awareness.

The new report also shows that, outside of primetime, TV's "share of mind" goes up in such situations, but the PC is still dominant in about two out of three cases.

SRI found that roughly one in ten persons 12 to 64 -- and two in ten on-line users -- linked their TV and PC activities at some point yesterday.

The TV/PC Connection 2001 goes beyond click counts to provide reliable insights into consumers' attitudes toward and preferences concerning TVs and PCs, with two-year trend data for many topics. Areas covered include:

whether simultaneous TV/PC use is on the rise;

profiles of today's "double-clickers";

where and why "double-clicking" occurs;

how often TV advertising drives consumers to the Internet; and

how TV and Web advertising compare in attention and influence.

For more information at http://www.statisticalresearch.com

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