November 06, 2010

This year, 32.3 million moms will go online at least once a month. eMarketer defines a mom as any adult female with children under 18 in the household. That means a lot of little eyes will be looking over her shoulder or under her elbow at the screen, taking in all the sights (and sites).

In 2011, eMarketer estimates there will be 20.2 million children under 11 going online at least once per month from any location, or 39.9% penetration of this age group. By 2014, that number will rise to 24.9 million kids, or 47.8% of this young population.

Mobile internet access, according to Placecast, is more important to parents with children under age 6 (70%) than those of children in other age brackets. And families with young children are using their phones to find stores (64%), local information and activities via an app (61%), even to buy something online (36%).

A study from the Joan Ganz Cooney Center looked at the “pass-back” effect of parents who hand their mobile device to a child. According to the November 2010 report, the child usually played a game on the device but could also see pictures, videos and music. Each session lasted about 5 to 20 minutes.

Marketers formally barred from targeting children under 13 might consider creating mobile apps that offer educational benefits for this age group, and target the moms on the go with the marketing messages.

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