May 24, 2009

Attacking from different angles.

Worldwide, marketers are engaging in synchronized campaigns across media channels, including TV, mobile and online.

According to Eyeblaster and TNS, 85% of marketers see the value in cross-media integration.

In fact, the researchers found that 67% of the marketers were currently running cross-channel campaigns.

Another 18% of marketers were not running cross-channel campaigns, but saw the benefits. Only 15% were uninterested or unsure about cross-channel marketing.

Measuring performance across campaigns was, however, problematic.

Only 12% of marketers always compared performance data across channels.

Most marketers had problems measuring across channels: 44% blamed the lack of suitable metrics, 37% the lack of case studies on cross-channel effectiveness and 34% the lack of measurement technology.

Despite the lack of solid measurement, 47% of marketers believed standard online display ads were suitable for both branding and direct response, and 63% felt the same about rich media.

Taken alone, online display was considered five times more effective as a branding channel than as a response channel. The differential between branding and response was even higher for rich media.

Marketers also thought IPTV, TV and print were effective for both direct response and branding.

Again, when only doing one job, the marketers considered IPTV, TV and print all much more effective at branding than response generation.

Nevertheless, belief is not an adequate measurement system. If cross-channel marketing is to grow, more accurate and dependable analytic tools need to be developed.

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