July 06, 2010

Research on multiscreen consumers has indicated their tolerance for online advertising is getting better. A survey by Frank N. Magid Associates in May 2010 found that ads in online video content were as acceptable as television ads to a majority of viewers. And a December 2009 comScore study found that, while many people purposely watch TV online to avoid advertising, they would be willing to watch more ads than are currently streamed.

But a Microsoft Advertising study on reaching the multiscreen consumer found TV ads were still seen most positively. Respondents were 10 percentage points more likely to notice ads regularly on TV vs. on the computer, 22 percentage points more likely to say they are fun to watch, and 13 points more likely to say they are more meaningful and relevant.

On the flip side, ads viewed on a computer were seen as more annoying and less noticeable—both of which applied even more strongly to ads viewed on a smartphone.

While they have different opinions about advertising across screens, consumers still expect a cohesive experience with content. Most said this improved the relevance of their experience, made content more useful and made them think better of content providers.

Marketers can support these cohesive content experiences by providing advertising that is relevant, with creative good enough to make online video ads as appealing as television commercials. Integrated campaigns that are also consistent across platforms will contribute to the viewing experience.

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