March 23, 2009

Transparent Packaging Inc. has introduced its latest innovation. A scented transparent packaging box that not only allows consumers to see the product, but also entices the consumer to pick the product up off the shelf to smell it. Thus getting the product a step closer to being placed in the shopping cart.

This innovation allows brand owners and consumer product manufacturers to attract consumers with another of their product's key attributes, its fragrance, without the addition of a secondary paper scratch and sniff sticker, which can have a denigrating effect on the packaging image.

Various product categories from hair and body care to perfume product companies would find this packaging augmentation a great leap in their branding efforts with immediate return on investment.

According to the President of Transparent Packaging Inc., David Dennison, the company has developed several innovative application methods to allow for large scale production runs, as well as relatively low volume specialty product applications. "The response from our clients that have seen the product and its shelf impact potential has been terrific," he added.

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