June 01, 2009

According to the “Teen Advertising Study” by Fuse Marketing and the University of Massachusetts Amherst, 45% of US teen Internet users were heavy users of the Web.

Thirty-eight percent characterized themselves as average users, and 16% were light users.

Teen Web users were active users of online media—90% used e-mail, 83% watched online video and 72% were social networkers.

Authors of the survey wrote that the most effective ad content for reaching teens had “people like me enjoying the product” and humor.

Least effective were ads that caused an emotional response or “personal interaction” with an ad.

Teens’ acceptance of ads varied by media platform.

Sponsorship of live events enjoyed the highest level of ad acceptance among teens, followed by TV, radio, print and online.

The medium with the lowest teen ad acceptance was text messaging, followed by video games and social networks.

Finally, no matter what product was being advertised, the medium with the highest ad recall was TV.

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