June 28, 2011

The Republican National Committee (RNC) released the final television ad lin its month-long "Change Direction" economic messaging campaign drawing attention to President Obama's failure to lead on the economy and reduce spending. The ad paints a stark picture of what the American economy could look like after 8 years of President Obama's destructive leadership. It is becoming painfully obvious that four more years of record unemployment and record debt will result in an unrecognizable and greatly diminished United States of America.

The RNC is taking the fight to the President, airing the ad in key battleground states where he is vulnerable: Florida, Virginia, North Carolina, Indiana, Ohio and Iowa – all states he won in 2008 but will struggle to defend in 2012. A Spanish radio ad will accompany the television buy in Florida. The radio spot in Spanish can be heard here http://bit.ly/oFvEII>.

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