January 26, 2001

Arbitron has just released "Arbitron 101 en Español," a Spanish-language version of its popular "Arbitron 101" Web-based training module. The course provides an overview of the radio industry and explains how Arbitron measures radio listening. Both Arbitron 101 and Arbitron 101 en Español are available free of charge at the Arbitron Training and Support Center Web site (www.arbitrontraining.com).

The Arbitron Training and Support Center Web site was designed to provide users with a convenient and free way to learn how they can get the most from Arbitron services. "The training Web site enables us to deliver the information and training clients need in the format that best suits their needs," says Ned Waugaman, Arbitron's director of Customer Service and Training. "Visitors to the site tell us they love being able to train at night and at their own pace. Arbitron 101 en Español greatly expands the group of people we can help through the site.

"The pace of business today makes it hard to find time for training. Since the Web's always open for business, clients can now get the training they need whenever they want," continued Waugaman. Statistics on site usage show that over 40 percent of all hits occur in the evening and on weekends, long after traditional business hours.

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