July 22, 2001

Radio stations can now access Arbitron's popular Station Information Web site in either English or Spanish at http://wargod.arbitron.com/siptrans/sip.asp.

Los Perfiles de Información de Estación is the latest in a growing library of Arbitron resources and publications available in Spanish.

The site contains a searchable version of Arbitron's Station Information Profile (SIP) database. The SIP database contains the names, call letters, broadcast times, frequencies, formats, programs, on-air personalities and addresses of all Arbitron-measured stations, as submitted by stations on their SIP form.

Visitors to the site can review the profile of any station in the database as well as get information on how Arbitron uses station profile information. In addition, the site also includes:

Mailing schedules for Station Information Forms

Information on how stations can update their information profile

Useful information on the different ways listeners identify stations in Arbitron diaries
"The Arbitron Station Information site provides stations an easy, convenient way to review their profile anytime they want. This site is part of our continual efforts to understand and respond to the evolving needs of the radio industry," said Scott Musgrave, senior vice president & general manager, Arbitron Radio. "Arbitron is very excited to bring this incredibly useful tool to personnel at Spanish-language radio stations," continued Musgrave.

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