September 01, 2001

Lotus Entravision Reps LLC (LER) announced the following executive changes in their management structure:

Robert Albright has been promoted to the position of Director of Network Sales. Albright retains his responsibility as Executive Vice President. He will be based out of Miami, an increasingly important Hispanic media market. In addition to his duties as Director of Network Sales, Albright will manage sales for the southeast advertising agencies. Mr. Albright will open the Miami office in the next few months, not later than December 1st.

Monica Messina is the New York Sales Manager. Ms. Messina is a 20+ year veteran of Spanish-language radio ad sales.

Audrey Barcenas has been promoted to Dallas Sales Manager. Ms. Barcenas has been with Lotus Hispanic Reps for 3 years.

As of October 1st, LER will open the doors at our newest office - LER Austin. Kimberly Coleman has been appointed Austin/San Antonio Sales Manager. For the past 3 years, Kimberly has called on the Austin and San Antonio agencies exclusively.

Gaby Donitz joins LER as Network Sales Western Manager from Team El Dorado's Los Angeles office. At LER, Ms. Donitz will be responsible for Network sales/new business on the West Coast and in Texas.

Claudia Santana joined LER as an Account Executive in the Los Angeles office direct from Hauser-Marconi Entertainment where she sold sponsorship packages for Hauser's events - Alejandro Fernandez, Juan Gabriel, etc. Prior to that, she worked at Casanova-Pendrill.

Glenda Villanueva also joined LER as Senior Account Executive on September 20th from Team El Dorado. Ms. Villanueva has worked at Caballero Spanish Media and CBS Telenoticias. For the past 5 years, Glenda has been responsible for all Team El Dorado sales out of the New York region.

Melissa Martinez joins LER in Dallas as Senior Account Executive from Team El Dorado. She has worked in the Dallas media market for 9 years in both radio and television.

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