August 25, 2001

Spanish Broadcasting System, Inc. announced that WPAT-FM in New York City has resumed its over the air broadcasts from atop the Empire State Building in midtown Manhattan.

WPAT-FM had been operating from its transmitter facilities on the north tower of the World Trade Center. These facilities were incapacitated shortly after the first airliner struck that tower the morning of September 11th.

"We are enormously grateful to the officials of the Empire State Building as well as the FBI and FEMA for their assistance and cooperation in allowing us a speedy resumption of WPAT's broadcasts," stated Raul Alarcon, President of SBS.

"Amid this national tragedy, it is vitally important to clearly signal to listeners our unwavering determination and steadfast commitment to serving them and our city," added Mr. Alarcon.

SBS' other New York FM facility, WSKQ-FM, which operates from the Empire State Building, continued its uninterrupted broadcast of news and information in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks in New York City. WPAT personnel joined the WSKQ on-air staff in reporting news updates and interviews during the 59 hours that WPAT was off the air.

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