December 15, 2000

Roslow Research Group (RRG) announced plans to conduct syndicated Hispanic Internet Tracking Studies (HITS), in February and September 2001. Similar to the first RRG HITS Study - conducted in July 2000 - the new surveys will each consist of 600 interviews with Hispanic Internet users across the U.S. Questions will include:

· Internet incidence of use,

· Time spent online,

· % of time using in Spanish,

· Reasons why not using (more) in Spanish,

· Language preference for selected Internet functions/activities,

· Favored Sites,

· Site Appeal Scores,

· Site Usage Scores for selected Sites (plus: % aware of Site, % using, # of visits per month, time spent per visit).

The 2000 study - which was partially sponsored by AHAA (the Association of Hispanic Ad Agencies) - found that 38% of Hispanics over the age of 16 were actively using the Net, and using it over 45 minutes a day. In commenting on these findings, Peter Roslow, President of RRG, said:

"We're very excited at being able to provide this tracking mechanism. A point-in-time-measure is good …but being able to see how much growth and change there has been adds much more value and interest. In addition to basic Internet usage comparisons, the HITS studies will also focus on two key aspects of Hispanic Internet use: Spanish vs. English Language preferences for accessing the Net; and, critically, Site-specific competitive information. The RRG Site Usage Scores and Site Appeal Scores - first reported last July - will show which Hispanic Sites are doing the best job in the consumer's minds. With consolidations and several new Sites coming online, here too it will be fascinating to see how the competitive situation has changed since last year. This may explain why our 2001 studies have generated so much interest among the Hispanic agencies and portals".

A complete copy of the 2000 Hispanic Internet Tracking Study is available at

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