December 15, 2000

According to UrbanIQ, a division of Vanguarde Media, the US Urban Consumer markets boast over 45.3 million consumers.

UrbanIQ held a seminar last week to detail some of the key findings of their latest study that revealed a vibrant and viable Urban Market. Taking into account the key demographic segment of Adults 18-34, Urban IQ released the following:

Urban Market Composition
White - 59.2%
African American / Black - 18.5%
Latino - 17.4%
Asian - 4.4%
Other - .4%

According to UrbanIQ, the Urban Consumer can be categorized into six distinct psychographic groups: Innovators, Trendsetter, Trend Adapters, Urban Mainstream, Urban Crossover and Laggards. The Urban consumers is located in key geographic areas: Top 25 Markets (47.2%), Rural ( 26.6%) and other Metro areas (25.0%).

Media usage is measured in hours spent:

Internet - 16.5 Hours
TV - 13.0
Radio - 11.5
Magazines - 4.2
Newspapers - 3.3

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