December 29, 2000

Millions of TV viewers will soon be able to enter the world of finance with Pulso del Mercado (The Market's Pulse), a television show in Spanish for the Latin American market. Produced by Bloomberg, the global news and information media company, the show will give viewers access to the same information and analytic tools utilized by thousands of professionals worldwide.

"Pulso del Mercado will give our many Spanish-speaking viewers a complete look at the global financial picture and the business news that they need to know," said Katherine Oliver, General Manager of Bloomberg Television and Radio. "Live reports from key exchanges, the top business stories and in-depth analysis of economic issues will make Pulso del Mercado an indispensable source of information for Spanish-speaking viewers worldwide."

Anchored by Jose Grey, who has more than 20 years of experience in Latin American news stations, Pulso del Mercado is a daily 30-minute television show about finance, the economy and business, introducing a new television format targeted at an audience interested in the U.S. and Latin American markets as well as Asia and Europe.

In addition to incorporating a market analyst who each day will provide a different perspective to the show, the two first segments are "Primera pagina" (Page One) and "Mercados en la mira" (Focus on the Market). "Primera pagina" will summarize the most important business stories of the day and analyze how they affect the economy. "Mercados en la Mira" incorporates interviews and live reporting directly from different markets, including the New York Stock Exchange, Nasdaq, London, and also the main Latin American exchanges, such as Mexico, Sao Paulo, and Buenos Aires.

In the second half of the show, "Muy cerca" (Close Up) will introduce a deep analysis of different Latin American economic issues, and "A puertas cerradas" (Behind Closed Doors) will include an interview with a CEO or high-ranking government official. These interviews aim to give viewers the information they need to make business or investment decisions.

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