May 13, 2017

  By Ben Martin - Director, International Marketing Insights

The concept of ‘mobile first’ is no longer exclusive to technology-focused businesses and consumers, but is the default position for a growing number of internet users, who now consider smartphones and tablets essential to their daily lives.

In this report, they examine key mobile behaviours that have propelled it to a primary platform, using 9 global markets (USA, Canada, UK, Spain, Italy, Brazil, Mexico, China and Indonesia) to demonstrate pockets of intense usage within a mobile hierarchy of needs.

Key topics covered in this report include:

  •     Mobile devices and apps’ dominant share of total digital time
  •     How demographics behave differently in mobile consumption and how they divide time and activities between platforms
  •     Which aspects of key content categories receive especially ‘mobile first’ behaviours, including Retail, Social Networking, News, Banking and Travel
  •     Audiences and engagement for key global apps
  •     How international markets have evolved mobile usage based on local needs (e.g. the dominance of messaging apps outside the US)
  •     Challenges and opportunities for the continued growth of mobile platforms

To download report CLICK HERE.



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