January 12, 2017

Deloitte’s sports professionals predict that innovation and disruption will dominate 2017, whether it is nontraditional media pursuing sports rights or teams optimizing fan experience beyond the stadium. Deloitte’s most recent report, “Deloitte’s sports industry starting lineup: Trends expected to disrupt and dominate 2017” examines the issues and opportunities likely to be top of mind for sports executives this year, both on and off the field.

Deloitte’s annual report identifies eight trends that are likely to affect the sports industry in the next year. Sample sports trends include:

  •     The evolution of sports media: The number nontraditional media companies aggressively pursuing sports rights is expected to grow exponentially. As consumers shift to new media types, ownership of—or distribution rights to—unique content will likely be a key differentiator between companies as they seek growth opportunities.
  •     Cyber risk in the sports industry: The sports industry’s increasing adoption of digital technology, analytics, and an online presence has exposed a new class of assets and vulnerabilities that extend well beyond the physical realm into cyberspace. Sports organizations can benefit from shifting the organizational paradigm to being secure and mastering fundamental information security practices.
  •     Social activism in sports: Players increasingly are using TV air time, their uniforms, and postgame press conferences as a way to draw attention to the issues or injustices that feel most critical to them, while teams and leagues stand by with varied levels of support. The rise of these politically and socially-minded activities may be a factor that impacts fan perceptions and shifts in viewership of live sporting events.

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