Whether it’s using GIFs or the latest slang, brands do what they can to stay relevant on social media. But despite their best efforts, many people find these behaviors more annoying than cool.

To thrive in today’s rapidly evolving technology environment, companies should become “kinetic”—continually moving and adapting to changes.

“What I would love from all of you data and research methodology sellers is something like the food information – and nutrition information – labels about what’s in your research product: What’s in your data, where did you collect it, and what did it get matched to?”  By Jonathan Steuer – Chief Research Officer, Omnicom Media Group

In honor of LGBTQ Pride Month, findings from a new Ogilvy survey released of over 1,000 Americans including over 400 LGBT allies revealed that nearly two-thirds of Americans (65%) believe that LGBT-inclusive brands/businesses are good for the economy and similarly (64%) believe that these initiatives reflect our country's diversity. However, the majority (68%) report that in order to be an LGBT ally, brands/businesses need to "walk the talk" following through on promises and plans.

The research reveals a gap between how businesses and consumers perceive the quality of their customer experience. While three-quarters (75 percent) of organizations believe themselves to be customer-centric, only 30 percent of consumers agree.

GALLEGOS United announced that Harvey Marco has joined the agency as Chief Creative Officer and Co-President.

Flat out, politics has no place in product advertising.  It was suggested that the use of political issues sometimes can be used to connect with consumers.  Yes, you can connect with some -- but really piss off others.  Why would that make sense?  By Mike Drexler

A new study from YouAppi, a growth marketing platform for mobile brands, finds that when it comes to delivering effective mobile video, marketers face quite a few challenges. Among them are developing creative, as well as finding properties to effectively run mobile videos.

U.S. podcast advertising revenues are forecasted to skyrocket to more than $220 million in 2017, an uptick of 85 percent over the $119 million recorded in 2016, according to the first-ever IAB Podcast Advertising Revenue Study released by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and conducted by PwC US

According to a new survey Millennials and Historic Preservation: A Deep Dive Into Attitudes and Values, nearly all (97 percent) of the nation’s largest and most diverse generation appreciate the value of historic preservation

Inner city bodegas, staples in urban communities, are having difficulty competing with big box stores and retail chains. Many of these small, independent, store owners are immigrants and lack the resources and access to capital to keep up with tech-savvy retail chains. 

Growth leaders are adept at finding money to invest in initiatives that drive revenue.

One of the biggest issues facing brands today is that of cultural fragmentation.  by Nigel Hollis

By Gonzalo López Martí - Creative director, etc / LMMiami.com

  • We know damn well in this business that metrics in the digital space are rife with fraud and tainted with misleading analytics.
  • We simply choose to believe something we don’t fully understand.
  • In many cases, something we don’t understand at all.
  • What is an algorithm?
  • Has anyone in the room seen one?

In addition to wine preferences the subjects include attitudes about how they see themselves, preferred language for communication and content consumption, top social media channels and frequency, types of shareable content, and relationships with premium brands. The results paint a picture of a community of confident women who over index on brand loyalty, appreciate culturally relevant content, have extraordinary influence in their communities through the social mobile, and who love wine.