There are many moving pieces that culturally affect the shifts we see in today’s Hispanic culture. A very prominent trend has been the rise and embracement of “Afrolatinidad” (Latinos of African descent). Although the Hispanic community has long had some heralded and very influential figures in its history (such as Celia Cruz), colorism has long plagued Latin American culture. That same colorism migrated to the US with our previous generations.  By Ed Felix, Director of Content Strategy, Conill

Latino consumers are familiar with cash registers and point of sale (POS) systems, as they are commonly being used for checkout in many local bodegas, liquor and tobacco stores. More and more stores are investing in modern point of sale systems to replace their old cash registers. This is not just for the esthetics of having high tech equipment, but for the powerful capabilities to track sales and inventory to organize the store while attracting customers to purchase more, via customer facing advertising.  By Elie Y. Katz - Founder, President & CEO • National Retail Solutions

Marketers predicted that mobile would be the dominant platform moving forward — and Hispanics are helping to prove them prescient. According to a PWC report, Hispanics are streaming video 26 hours per month, or seven hours more than the U.S. average. The streaming is occurring mostly on mobile devices.  by Karla Fernandez Parker

Mike Agovino makes no bones about it: Nielsen Audio and, before that, Arbitron, did a disservice to Hispanic radio in the nation’s No. 1 Spanish-language media marketplace by shifting to Portable People Meter (PPM) exposure-based methodology.  Based on that methodology, Agovino says the E-Plus test results point to “a very healthy state” for Spanish-language radio and its competitive position in Los Angeles.  By Adam Jacobson

Hyundai Motor America has named Angela Zepeda, the senior vice president and managing director at its agency of record INNOCEAN USA, as its new chief marketing officer. Angela will be responsible for all of Hyundai's marketing and advertising activities in the U.S., including the strategic direction, brand development, national and regional advertising, experiential marketing, digital and social media, brand partnerships, and lead generation, among other responsibilities.

Consumer-packaged-goods (CPG) companies worldwide invest about 20 percent of their revenue annually in trade promotions. Stunningly, 59 percent lost money (in the United States, it’s 72 percent).  Conversely, best-in-class CPG promotions returned five times more than the least efficient. Clearly, there is a huge opportunity for both CPG manufacturers and retailers to improve return on investment (ROI) on their trade-promotion investments.

Fifty years after the first computer network was connected, most experts say digital life will mostly change humans’ existence for the better over the next 50 years. However, they warn this will happen only if people embrace reforms allowing better cooperation, security, basic rights and economic fairness.

FilmLA, the film office of Greater Los Angeles, announced the debut of "LA Loves Film" – a new outreach and education program aimed at ensuring a sustainable future for on-location filmmaking in Greater Los Angeles.

Krysten Casabielle has been promoted to Managing Director at Miamim based Pinta agency. She previously held the position of Senior Account Director managing multiple teams and serving as the strategic lead for clients including Microsoft, Heineken, the National Football League (NFL), and Carnival Cruise Line.


We first started the Hispanic Television Summit 17 years ago for Broadcasting & Cable and Multichannel News. In 2002, the focus was primarily on Spanish language TV programming.   The marketplace was concerned with how networks were negotiating for carriage on cable or satellite, and how they would help to attract Hispanic subscribers for pay TV providers, while broadcasters stressed how they dominated the share of audience.  By Joe Schramm, Managing Partner & President, Schramm Marketing Group

By Gonzalo López Martí - Creative director, etc.  /

  • Stop for a minute and consider this: the entire edifice of our industry is glued together by a few cognitive, psychological and behavioral phenomena.

NGL Collective was once again recognized as one of the “Best Entrepreneurial Companies in America” by Entrepreneur magazine’s Entrepreneur360™ List, a premier study delivering the most comprehensive analysis of private companies in America.

It is no secret that Univision Communications, led by CEO Vince Sadusky, has been looking to deleverage. With the September delivery of the privately held company’s Q2 results, Sadusky reiterated a July 3 company statement confirming that Univision’s Board of Directors is reviewing strategic options and that Univision has engaged financial advisors to assist with the process.  By Adam Jacobson

The ANA announced the launch of a new national conference that will address the growing and often controversial discipline of influencer marketing.  The new event, called the 2019 ANA Influencer Marketing Conference, will be held next month on November 20–21 in New York City.

In a previous post, I tried to define the word brand. In this one I want to propose five financial benefits of a strong brand. Most people, I believe, would start with selling more, but given what I wrote in the last post I must start with commanding a higher price point.  by Nigel Hollis