In the future, will your wearable device recommend what to add to your grocery list? Will you be able to order a new chair from a mobile 3D printer that can deliver it to you in the next hour? When you reach for your favorite brand on the shelf, will it automatically communicate to the manufacturer to re-stock the shelf faster?

There are millions of youths playing soccer in the United States. So why is the men’s national team so terrible?

Jose Cuervo Tradicional announced the launch of a new film series, designed to tell the multi-faceted and authentic story of Día De Muertos (English: Day of the Dead). Each year, Cuervo Tradicional will capture different traditions around Mexico — sharing storied Día De Muertos moments from different Mexican filmmakers.

In the age of anxiety, global challenges like trade, politics, inequality, and the state of the natural environment have captured much of the public's consciousness. What's not getting enough attention are timely examples of human innovation — the kind that will help drive a more sustainable future. There are two such milestones this year from which to draw inspiration.

Increasing the number of companies led by women and multicultural entrepreneurs is not a top priority among the venture capital industry, despite data suggesting VCs acknowledge the opportunity to maximize returns, according to a new report and survey released by Morgan Stanley.

Culture Marketing Council: The Voice of Hispanic Marketing (CMC) announced five industry leaders will join its new Chair Gonzalo Del Fa, president of GroupM Multicultural, as the newest members of the CMC Board of Directors.  Natalie Boden, founder & president of BODEN, Izzy Gonzalez, head of cross platform sales for CNN en Español, Pete Lerma, principal & founder of Richards/Lerma, Steve Mandala, president of advertising sales and marketing for Univision, and Rafael Urbina, chairman & CEO of VIX will work closely with the CMC’s governing bodies, committees and the executive director to support the organization’s strategic plan, which champions the quality of Hispanic marketing in the U.S., focusing on the value of culture-driven segmentation and elevating the critical role of the culture marketing specialist.

As promised, I’m drilling down further on the positioning of the “full service”-classified agencies from Adweek’s list of the 100 Fastest-Growing Agencies.  By Mark Duval - The Duval Partnership

10th Anniversary Hispanicize, the largest event of its kind, connected well over a thousand Latinx trendsetters, social media influencers, content creators, marketers, advertisers, social and political activists, as well as A-list celebrities last week, October 17-19, 2019, at the iconic 73-story InterContinental Los Angeles Downtown.

Brands old and new are participating in the direct-to-consumer model, and this graphic depicts essential stats as well as tips for getting started in this space.

I was honored to participate with experts from Edelman, Catalyst and Social Global Leaders in a panel discussion at Enactus about the future of work. Our collective perspective was clear: As a result of radical technology-driven disruption, organizations and their leaders must acknowledge their profound influence on redefining how work gets done.  By Fiona Grandi

Financial independence is one of the many markers used to designate the crossover from childhood into young adulthood, and it’s a milestone most Americans (64%) think young adults should reach by the time they are 22 years old, according to a new Pew Research Center study. But that’s not the reality for most young adults who’ve reached this age.

Internet advertising revenues in the United States totaled $57.9 billion for the half year (“HY”) of 2019, with Q2 2019 accounting for approximately $29.9 billion and Q1 2019 accounting for approximately $28.0 billion. Revenues for HY 2019 increased 16.9% over HY 2018 over HY 2018 with revenues of $49.5 billion.

Why brands must forge deeper, more personalized relationships with consumers for future growth.  By Valeria Piaggio, SVP and Head of Identity and Inclusion Insights at Kantar Consulting

A new report, The Older Population in Rural America: 2012-2016, shows that 17.5% of the rural population was 65 years and older compared to 13.8% in urban areas.

Latinos aged 50 and older spend an average of $46 per month on beauty and personal grooming products, nearly double the $25 spent per month by the general 50-plus population. Despite spending nearly $7 billion in annual U.S. sales, 69 percent of Hispanics report feeling that the beauty and personal grooming industry treats people their age as an afterthought, a new AARP survey has found.