People talk about coming out “on the other side” of this crisis, but that’s an ambiguous destination that we may not recognize until we’ve already been there for some time. What if the other side is months out, years even? What do we do until then? When we get there, what will your agency look like?  by Mark Duval / The Duval Partnership

The Multicultural Media, Telecom and Internet Council (MMTC), along with 21 other “Civil Rights Advocates,” on Friday just gave GeoBroadcast Solutions a huge boost for a business plan that could greatly enhance the radio industry’s ability to bring advertisers the one thing they desire the most in 2020 but haven’t been able to get from an FM signal — addressable advertising.  By Adam Jacobson

COVID-19 may have put the kibosh on in-person Cinco de Mayo gatherings, but the folks at d expósito & Partners didn’t let our stay-at-home reality put a damper on their quinceañera plans. The agency hosted a virtual celebration via Zoom, marking 15 years since the company’s founding. The program consisted of a retrospective of the last 15 years, highlighting milestones and accolades, followed by a heartfelt dialogue where everyone commented on their personal experiences and ideas for the future.

This video is made with Nielsen's proprietary study Scarborough R1 2020. It was on the field from September 2019 to November 2019 and was released in Q1 2020. This video was commissioned before Covid-19 hit Puerto Rico so we added a small update at the end.

Gian Carlo Lanfranco and Rolando Cordova may be optimists, but they never drink from water fountains.  By Court Stroud

Estrella Media, Inc. announced that its EstrellaTV network will air a two-hour Mother’s Day special on May 10th.

As I've commented in the past, there are plenty of opinions, articles and webinars on how marketers should go about weathering the coming economic recession. Many of these come from agencies, trade bodies, media owners, academics and marketing consultants; most peddle the line that the smartest plan is to keep spending at a time when the competition slows or stops, thus raising share-of-voice. By Brian Jacobs / The Cog Blog


I’ll wager you’ve all seen one: they’re slow paced, backed by acoustic piano and open with shots of empty city streets.  Those shots are followed by people copying with life in Coronavirus-enforced lockdown, then the brand that you can’t remember tells you that they’re there for you.  ‘They’ are the COVID-19 ‘emotional support’ ad.  And it’s time they stopped, or they got a lot better.  by Daren - Global Head of Creative / Kantar

Culture Marketing Council: The Voice of Hispanic Marketing (CMC) announced the winners of the Rising Stars Recognition, the Hispanic marketing industry’s premier award for outstanding marketing and advertising professionals under the age of 35. Jackie Bofill, senior account director, Alma and Krysten Casabielle, managing director, Pinta will be inducted as the class of 2020 Rising Stars for CMC.

It was nearly eight weeks ago when Golin announced we would begin working from home and it’s hard to believe how far my reality has shifted since then. It was a gradual process. At first, I continued visiting client offices, I set up a home office that best worked around my sons’ schedules and I pulled my oldest from school. Then it hit stronger; I stopped seeing friends and engaging in social activities. I could no longer see family and neighbors had to stay a wave away. Inevitably, my life inside the walls of my home became my entire world – my sanctuary, school, gym, office and so much more.  By Cristina Verdeja Zaldívar - GOLIN / Director

She dreamed of becoming a librarian.  As a child, Natalie Boden would spend hours organizing books on her shelves. She even developed her own card catalog filing system.  The Honduran native today is the founder and President of BODEN, a public relations and social media agency which counts McDonald’s, Target and UnitedHealthcare among its clients.  By Court Stroud

A tremendous amount of money is spent on data for media buying decisions, specifically third-party audience data. Third-party data can come from many different sources, and multiple methodologies can be used in its collection, structuring, and marketing. This often makes it difficult for advertisers to understand exactly what they're buying, leaving advertisers at a disadvantage and at risk of purchasing data that's unsuitable for their purpose. To address this problem, advertisers need to evaluate the quality of a dataset before purchasing it.

Core strength facilitates efficient movement in humans, but when it comes to brands, core strength helps ensure that the brand is poised for efficient growth. So how do you know if your brand’s core is strong or weak?  by Nigel Hollis

Entravision Communications Corporation announced the launch of Entravision Digital, which consolidates its digital reach, data, creative and programmatic capabilities into a unified solutions offering.

Uforia will kick off a weekly digital livestream series of unfiltered and unforgettably intimate at-home experiences with Latin music’s biggest stars starting May 6th at 8 p.m. ET with Manuel Turizo and host Jackie Guerrido